Auto liability

    Auto liability insurance required by federal law for minimum amount of 750 000$.

   Trucking liability insurance is the core of any truck insurance policy and is intended to cover expenses related to injuries to other people and damage to the property.

Physical damage

   Trucking physical damage coverage protects your vehicle. Physical damage insurance includes :

  – Comprehensive: fire, theft, windstorm, hail, earthquake, flood, vandalism and more

  – Collision: damage caused by collision with another object 

Occupational Accident

   As a owner of trucking company you are financially responsible for health and medical bills in case of job related injury.       Occupational accident insurance protects independent contractors who are not covered by workers compensation insurance. Occupational accident insurance coverage provides benefits to employees injured or killed in a job-related accident. This is a policy that is designed to offer benefits to independent contractors and employees who not covered under a workers compensation policy.

Get it as low as 115$ per month. For pricing and coverages:

Occupational accident pricing

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