Understanding what trucking insurance you need

Auto liability (primary liability) You need this ONLY if already have or applied for MC#, in order to get it activated on FMCSA. It is mandatory by law that every truck on the road have to have liability insurance. This does not cover you truck, but rather covers the damage you may do to others while operating your truck. Most costly insurance type. Limit required 1 000 000 $
Motor truck cargo Usually coupled with Auto liability. Provides insurance on the freight hauled by the carrier in case of damage. The policy is purchased with a maximum load limit hauled at one given time. Most often limit needed is 100 000 $
General liability Required by some (may be 5%) of brokers and Amazon relay. Covers not auto related damages to others. If nobody asking – probably you don’t need it. But it is not expensive, about 550$ a year for the whole policy.

Physical Damage Covers damages to your truck or trailer. Not mandatory if your truck paid off. Coverage limit is the vehicle stated value.


Non trucking liability Added to physical damage. Not mandatory (if nobody asking it from you – you don’t need it). Covers your liability when you use truck for personal use (not under dispatch). If you are from NY or FL and need it for truck registration purposes – let us know ahead of time, as not all insurance companies accepted by the State. Cost is around 40$ a month.

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