Why is trucking insurance so important?

Why is trucking insurance so important?

Cargo and particularly trucking insurance is complex insurance where many details should be considered. Actually, absolutely anything can happen on the road. Weather conditions, such as rain, winter road, snow, dust, and especially fog, bad road conditions, unplanned breakdown maintenance can cost a trucking company thousands of dollars in the worst case. The company must compensate for the damage, fix the car, and pay medical bills.

The damaged cargo leads to claims for compensation. Machine downtime during repair also makes you lose money. Any accident can lead to the ruin of a small company. Does not matter how much is trucking insurance, it will help to easily resolve these incidents without significant losses for the carrier.

Is it possible not to have trucking insurance for a trucking company?

No, it is not. FMCSA does not allow trucks to operate without proof of liability insurance and, of course, you need it to get Authority and for MC Number application. Of course, Falcon offers trucking insurance for new authority and consults all new truckers on complex details of the semi truck insurance.

Also, most shippers hire the operator with obtained auto liability policy and cargo insurance to make sure that they will not lose their cargo for good. So, commercial trucking insurance for cargo may also give you a competitive edge in the trucking market.

So, how to get trucking insurance?

Our trucking insurance agency provides you with all types of covers. Your highly skilled truck insurance agent will consult you as a truck owner operator and you can be sure that your assets are properly protected.

If you are a new trucker, insurance can be much higher than for an experienced owner-operator. Falcon provides trucking insurance for new ventures, for those who only start trucking business, and the trucking insurance cost is reasonable enough.

What types of insurance you can get?

Of course, you can purchase only mandated commercial insurance to be protected for damages and injuries caused by you, but our company provides different truck insurance solutions. Medical payments coverage guarantees payment for medical expenses arising from the treatment of accident injuries. Coverage for Physical damage provides insurance for collision or fire, or any damages incurred as a result of physical destruction of the truck. Cargo insurance is what you need in case a hauled cargo was lost or damaged during transportation.

It is also important to get bobtail insurance that covers you and your semi truck when you’re not hauling a trailer or other load.

Of course, that’s not it. There are other available options you may need, and our agents will help you find your type of insurance.

Commercial truck insurance in Falcon

There are only qualified experts in our company that love and understand trucks. We provide outstanding service of commercial truck insurance, and we are happy when our customers come back to us each and every year. Contact us, and the trucking insurance agent will provide you trucking insurance quotes and consultation on insurance options that are right for you.

Save on commercial truck insurance and get the trucking insurance quotes right here and now!

Вам нужна страховка для траков?

Если у вас есть вопросы о том, как начать траковый бизнес, и вы не знаете, что нужно для получения страховки и разрешения на деятельность, нужно обратиться к страховому агенту. Специалисты нашей компании помогут правильно выбрать траковую страховку, расскажут о видах покрытия, об условиях получения страховки и предложат вам варианты с различной стоимостью. Страхование грузоперевозок может казаться довольно сложным вопросом, но для успешного начала тракового бизнеса необходимо в нем разобраться, ведь, возможно, именно продуманное страхование поможет новичку стать опытным и процветающим бизнесменом.

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